Textile Designing Using CorelDraw

This course aims to teach you –
1) Drawing skills required for designing patterns and prints on fabrics techniques using Adobe Photoshop & Coreldraw/Illustrator.
2) To design your distinct line of clothing.
3) To develop a garment according to client specifications.

The Online Textile Designing Course is an interactive e-learning program which imparts proficiency in designing patterns and prints on fabrics. The Diploma in Textile Designing requires no prior knowledge, all you need is a computer and an internet connection. The Textile CAD program includes software like Photoshop, Coreldraw / Illustrator which facilitate the process of designing prints and patterns.

The Online Textile Designing Course is structured in a manner that first, the student learns to create a simpler curve, shapes and eventually progresses to intricate patterns. The Online Diploma in Textile Designing includes software like Adobe Photoshop and Coreldraw/Illustrator. Formally hand-drawn patterns were acceptable but now CAD is used on a large scale. The free demo of the Online Textile Designing Course gives you a peek into the Course content and the manner in which the Course would be conducted.

Online Textile Designing Using CorelDraw Free Demo Class

CorelDraw Course Syllabus


  • How to Start the CorelDRAW program

  • Introduction tothe CorelDRAW program, Menu bar & Drawing Toolbox

  • Overview of Drawing tools

  • a)Freehand Tool
    b)Rectangle Tool
    c)Ellipse Tool
    d)Polygon, Spiral & Graph Paper Tools
  • Editing the object

  • a)Deleting, Moving, Scaling, Rotating & Skewing
    b)Shape Tool
    c)Knife Tool
    d)Erase Tool
    e)Smudge Tool
    f)Roughen Tool
  • How to combine two lines

  • Learn to use Transformation (Mirror) of object and combine it

  • Learn to use Transformation(Rotation)to make a flower

  • Live Demo – Textile Motif Design – 1

  • textile 1
  • Live Demos – Textile Motif Design – 2

  • textile2
  • Live Demo – Textile Motif Design – 3

  • textile3
  • Live Demo – Pasley Design

  • textile4


  • Color Fill

  • a)Fill Color
    b)Fountain Fill
    c)Pattern Fill
    d)Texture Fill
    e)No Fill
  • Outline Tool

  • a)Outline Pen
    b)Outline Color
    c)No Outline
    d)Outline Thickness
  • View Menu

  • a)Simple Wireframe
    d)Normal & Enhanced
    Exercise 1a: Draw The design given below
    textile5Exercise 1b: After Making Drawing the Design, Color it as shown



  • Live Demo – Geometric Design

  • textile7

  • Live Demo – Geometric Design with Measurements

  • Live Demo – Retro Geometric Design

  • textile8


  • Live Demo – Floral Design – 1

  • textile9

  • Live Demo – Floral Design – 2

  • textile10

  • Live Demo – Floral Design – 3

  • textile11


  • Live Demo – Western Design

  • textile12