Textile Designing Using Photoshop

Online Fashion Designing is the very first e-classroom for computerized apparel
flat pattern-making. Online Fashion Designing offers professional pattern making
classes taught on computer. Our goal is to teach apparel flat pattern
techniques using CAD (computer-aided design) such as CorelDraw, Photoshop and Illustrator tools to speed the fashion design process.

Online Fashion Designing is a division of Compufield – The Pioneer Computer Institute which was established in 1985. The Institute is experienced in training students and professionals, in any field from India and Abroad. Over the years Compufield has managed to maintain its standard for imparting quality training in all the latest software packages.

This course aims to teach you –
1) Drawing skills required for fashion & accessory designing, garment designing techniques using Adobe photoshop & Coreldraw.
2) To design your distinct line of clothing
3) To develop a garment according to client specifications

Online Textile Designing Using Photoshop Free Demo Class

Photoshop Course Syllabus


  • To Start the Photoshop program

  • Introduction to the Photoshop program

  • Introduction to the Menu

  • Introduction to the Toolbox

  • Introduction to New File

  • Introduction to Open File

  • Introduction to Close File

  • Introduction to Save File

  • textile13
  • Toolbox

  • a) Rectangle Marquee Tool
    New Selection
    Add Selection
    Subtract Selection
    Inverse Selection


    Fixed Aspect Ratio
    Fixed Size
    b) Elliptical Tool
    – The marquee tools make rectangular, elliptical, single row, and single column selections.
    c) Move Tool
    d) Lasso Tool
    – The lasso tools make freehand, polygonal (straight-edged), and magnetic (snap-to) selections.

    Add Selection
    Subtract Selection
    Inverse Selection
    e) Polygon Tool
    f) Magnetic Lasso Tool
    textile17New Selection
    g) Magic Wand Tool
    h) Zoom Tool
    i) Pan Tool
    j) Default Color
    Change Default Color
    k) Swatches Tool